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Who We Are

Knowledgeable Expertise

Many entrepreneurs have nightmares over doing their own bookkeeping or understanding what the numbers mean for the success of their business. This is where I thrive. And I can help you thrive too.

Dependable, Approachable Communication

It's simply unprofessional to keep a client waiting for information they need to make better business decisions. Additionally, it's not enough for me to accurately prepare financial reports if my clients can't take the time with me to truly understand them.


There is no higher value than the ability to be honest. The relationship between an owner and a trusted advisor is, well, just that. It takes trust. I value earning that trust from you.

Know how your money moves your business.

Make better decisions.

What Clients Say...

Jim R. says,

"Sarah is true to the name Dreambuilder. We engaged her when our business was tiny, and she created a plan that grew with us. There was some cleanup to do since we had not used a bookkeeper before, and Sarah did the heavy lifting to get us squared away. We have experienced exponential growth and Sarah has scaled with us beautifully."

Payan & Payan CPA says,

"We are a small tax firm that has referred Dreambuilder Bookkeeper to several of our clients over the past couple of years. Our clients have all really loved working with Dreambuilder Bookkeeper! She has made our jobs so much easier because we now get financial statements for our clients that are perfectly reconciled and tied to all of the reports we need."

Syd F. says,

"I called Sarah in a pinch through a friend's recommendation when my original bookkeeper couldn't help me... It's been worth every cent of my sanity to know that someone I can trust is running my books and is a great communicator."

If You Ever Say...

I'm exhausted from doing it all on my own!

How much time should a business leader spend doing their bookkeeping? None! It's time to hand off one of those many hats, and no longer be alone in the work of managing the business.

I'm scared I'm going to run out of money.

Don't put your head in the sand and hope for the best. Be proactive with a financial expert who will come alongside you to help you know where your finances stand from month to month.

I'm overwhelmed by all the demands to run a business.

You don't know what you don't know. But I can help. I'm a business owner too. And while I can't do everything for you, I can help point you in the right direction. Plus, having good financial reports and someone who will walk through them with you, will give you a good matrix for making better business decisions.

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